Unicon Spells Club


Ready to invite magic into your life?

So, what is this Unicorn spells club?

This vip club is to create a magical container for anyone who wants to learn about:

  • crafting a spell
  • work with magical tools like crystals, tarot, and oils
  • mix magical potions
  • take control of your life
  • manifest your wishes into reality
  • connect deeper into your intuition
  • even the option to create additional income 

How does this magical club work? 

Every month you will receive two magical spells. One in your inbox and one for our LIVE class.

It will relate to the energy of the month, like for example, how to attract your ideal mate love spell for the month of Feb. Then we will host a live class where you can participate and ask questions about the spell of the month. During this live class we will also be clearing blockages, manifesting, and meditating or performing visualizations together. Throughout the year we will also be giving out some presents and gifts! 

How do we get into this super VIP club?!

So here’s the deal. The 411. If you want to join our Unicorn Spells Club which is a super VIP group, all you gots to do is sign up to be on our magical team for doTERRA essential oils. Because --- why, we want you to be able to get the RIGHT high vibe tools for the spells and the DISCOUNTS + savings that goes along with it for your potions.

There are 3 paths you can take with our team:


Someone who wants to experience the oils for themselves and their family. Using it for self development.


Ready to share it with others and sell some essential oils to their clients or weave it into their current business.


You are ready for a change, ready to partner up with Leeza + I to build a business around magic and oils with our personal mentorship and the support of top industry leaders on our Unicorn Elixirs Team. You want to earn an additional income and you are a go getter with passion.

Elixir Kit Option #1

sign up before Jan 1st - 12am ESt to receive these bonuses!

  1. Admission into the Unicorn Spells Club.
  2. FREe crystal unicorn tarot deck.
  3. 20 min wishing session with pamela.
  4. FAMILY ESSENTIALS AND BEADLETS KIT that includes all the oils you need for our spells for the year and moooore. 

This package is worth over $500 and you can get it now for just $150! 

If this kit is calling your name go to bit.ly/unicornpotions and click join doterra! sign up as a wellness advocate and Make sure you select the family ESSENTIALS KIT (only $150 with my link). As soon as you do, I’ll grant you access to the Unicorn Spells Club and set up our 1:1 Wishing Session! And add you to the private Facebook groups where you can learn more about the oils and their magic! Whoo hooooo!

(if you need help email me: pamydoll@gmail.com or message me on instagram @lunaprosperity)!

Elixir Kit Option #2 - only 5 spaces available

sign up before Jan 1st - 12am ESt to receive these bonuses!

  1. Admission into the Unicorn Spells Club.
  2. FREe crystal unicorn tarot deck.
  3. one gorgeous crystal tuned to your energy.
  4. 45 min wishing session with pamela.
  5. Releasing + clearing session with Leeza. get rid of the stale old 2017 energy and reset the vortex for 2018. 
  6. The HOME ESSENTIALS KIT (retails for $367) that has the top 10 essential oils (and a magical diffuser) that will have all the main elixirs you need for all our main SPELLS for the year! These potions will help you take your health, spirituality, and business to the next level. This kit is a better deal because they include the bigger potion bottles. 

Sorceress - this is the most popular option if you want to take this path. 

This option is totally worth over $1500 ------- but you get All this for just $275!!! 

(if you need help email me: pamydoll@gmail.com or message me on instagram @lunaprosperity)!

P.S. If you want to get any of the other kits like the EVERY OILS kit, you will get additional gifts and bonuses just let me know! 

***these magical packages are only available if you are new to doterra.


If you choose one of the Elixir Kits, and you are serious about learning the oils, want to dive deeper or start an oils business with Leeza + I, you will also get full access to magical biz and self improvement workshops each month from top industry leaders on our team! We will personally guide you and give you the magical spell for success because we see a vision and we want you with us. We want you to be abundant and free. We want to help YOU. 

So head on over to my site bit.ly/unicornpotions and join us on this amazing adventure and make your 2018 the BEST year ever!

And think of it this way, you are literally investing in your wellbeing and health. It’s like a Costco membership except super magical. 

Prepare yourself, see you in spells class. 


Pamela + Leeza

ps. remember to join our club before jan 1st to receive all these bonuses. if you sign up after, we will still love you and welcome you with welcome arms and a magical gift. 

pps. if you are already with doterra and are an active member, but still want to join our amazing club click here. if you were inactive on your account for 6+ months message me and we can see whats up.