Soul Mate Class


Manifest your ideal soul mate...

Who is this class for?

This magical class is for anyone who is looking for a loving, trusting, balanced, and passionate relationship with a mate. you can be in a current relationship and looking to better that or if you are single and looking for someone that gets you then this would be the perfect class for you!

Learn all about...

  • the different kinds of soul mates and which one is ideally for you right now.
  • how to manifest the right qualities for you soul mate. (even if you are in a relationship).
  • How to call in your ideal soul mate and lover. 
  • releasing blockades and things that are holding you back!
  • receive DNA downloads of love to help you find your soul mate sooner. 
  • how to activate your self love and the importance of self love. 
  • discovery what crystals and potions can help you attract your soul mate and heal even faster! 
  • tap into your heart energy and how it can work in your journey  of finding your ideal soul mate relationship.

Your mentors for this class will be:

Kelly Kiss

Kelly has been inspired by love all her life, but until she stopped looking outside of herself and fully loved and respected herself, she discovered she would not be ready to call in a partner that would reflect the love she desired, back to her. Through her own experiences she discovered that every relationship is a mirror that shows us where we need to heal within ourselves. Kelly has been on a journey of unconditional love, self love and self discovery and would love to share with you how to find this within yourself, so that you can love yourself more, call in your Life Partner or improve your current relationship. Kelly is a Certified ThetaHealing practitioner and teacher and has over 15 years in holistic healing. She teaches eight ThetaHealing classes (as taught by Vianna Stibal), including the SoulMate Class, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Master Teacher. You can find out more about Kelly at

Pamela Chen

me!! I am a clairvoyant, crystal intuitive, and elixirs expert. I can intuitively tap into your energy to help you find the best solutions to your challenges and suggest magical tools to help you reach your goals. so I've been in a relationship for 11 years and I definitely know what it takes to keep your relationship going and new. I will be sharing lots of magical secrets with crystals and essential oils to help you have that ideal soul mate relationship! I've done tons of psychic readings for couples and have helped people find their husbands and soul mates and I want to help you! 

The DEETS for our class:

When: Tuesday, Feb 6 2018

Time: 1pm PST 

Where: LIVE on the internet join from where ever you are!! 

*** Join anywhere in the universe to our online class, we would love to see your gorgeous face live but if you can't make it, this will all be recorded and sent to you in email! 

So if you are totally ready to experience a magical relationship with your soul mate... sign up for our free class below!

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