Read Tarot Like a Unicorn 


Tap into the magic of your intuition to become confident in your readings!

stop being intimidated or confused by tarot. learn how to intuitively read tarot with confidence!

this magical program is all about helping you to get started on your tarot reading journey! i wish i had something like this when i was starting out. i was so confused with all the meanings of the cards and couldn’t even finish a reading because i was too busy trying to interpret each card with the super complicated guidebooks!

in this program, you will learn how to be a confident tarot reader through connecting with your intuition (instead of having to research the meanings all the time). you will discover your magical intuitive powers and even meet your tarot guide. in addition to connecting with your tarot deck, you will also be amping up your connection with your intuition and learn how to trust it even more by the end of this course. 

i will also be showing how i work with different magical tools with the tarot to enhance it’s magic and how to create spells and rituals with your cards. 

when you emerge from this program, you will read tarot like a magical unicorn - feeling super connected to your cards and know how to ask awesome questions that gets answers. you will know all the secrets about what to do before, during, and after a tarot reading.

bonus: i will also be giving you lots of cheat sheets for the meanings that you can easily refer to in a reading and done for you tarot spreads!

so, stop wasting time looking at that little white guidebook, come play with me and be confident in your readings!

YES! I'm so excited sign me up...

What you will get in this magical course:

may 15th - may 29th

Welcome initiation ceremony

Module 1 - WTF is Tarot + myths.

Module 2 - removing tarot blocks.

Module 3 - Meet the majors + court cards.

Module 4 -  meet the minors.

module 5 - discovering your unicorn intuition powers.

module 6 - readings + questions + spreads

module 7 - tarot magic, spells + other complimentary tools.

Bonus call - Theresa reed the Tarot lady will be our guest speakers!

all live mentoring sessions, recorded, Plus 2 live q+a in our private Facebook group! Pamela will be active in the Facebook group for another three months after the LIVe classes to answer any questions for those of you who wants to take it slow like a pandacorn. 

I'm ready sign me up for just $127!!

If you sign up right now before May 1st, you will get a special 30 minutes 1:1 Tarot Mentoring Session with me. we can chat about anything you want, tarot, crystals, magic, intuition, your private coaching call. Worth $125, but you will get it for FREE. 

why is it sooo affordable for all this magic??? most of you have purchased my crystal unicorn tarot so I want to do this course as a thank you and help you connect with your deck! there is 100% refund guaranteed if you don't learn shit at the end of this course, but you will have to provide me proof of all the work that you've done and show me that you participated and it still didn't work! Because I believe in this course sooo much!! 

why should you learn from pamela?

pamela is a clairvoyant, reiki master, law of attraction coach, and theta healing practitioner on top of whatever else she does like mixing potions, chatting with crystals, and playing with unicorns.

she has been studying intuition + magic since the age of 16. she remembers what it is like to struggle with tarot and knows how to help beginner tarot readers shine and trust their magic. Pamela's taken a million of classes and has compiled all the amazing wisdom into this course. 

and most importantly, she is a unicorn. so wouldn't you want to learn how to read tarot like a unicorn with a unicorn?!

Take my money now, I'm in!!

sign up and get your free gift! learn what your magical card and energy for the year is. you will have this tool to figure out what your lesson is for the year - every year from now on.