30min Phone Reading

30min Phone Reading


My psychic reading will leave you feeling light + sweet + soothing.

I want you… To understand your past, present, + future.

Learn your life lesson in a positive way + move onto your next experience with glitter + sparkles. 

I am sooo tired… Of women being stuck in their lives, not knowing how to move forward.

So I’ve created… This enchanting intuitive reading for you to explore you dreams + clarify your goals.

It’s all about YOU understanding your challenges with a knowing smile on your face, like soaking in a bubble bath. It’s about me giving you the password to unlocking your secrets of your life.

Here’s the catch, you are the one opening the door + it’s totally up to you to walk, run, or skip through it.

Many first time psychic reading virgins choose this option.

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If all of this sound DELICIOUSLY awesome + you wish to book more then one sessions with me, then email me to create a VIP package for you.

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