gemwater energies available:

Wellness - rose quartz + amethyst + clear quartz

This gorgeous blend is the best for "everyday's Crystal water". Experts say amethyst soothes and stimulate the mind and emotions and that rose quartz fosters tranquility. Most customers find this harmonious blend to taste smooth and mild. If you are unsure of which crystal energy to start your collection with, choose this one. 

Balance- sodalite + clear quartz

your body is made up of mostly water. If you feel sick, try drinking some water. This blend will help you balance the energies and cells of your energetic and physical body. 

momentum - chalcedony + moss agate + milk opal

Alternative practitioners totally recommends this blend to strengthen your inner flow and to gain momentum and to maintain your momentum. Discover your inner peace with harmony again. in this gorgeous chaos fast paced world, we tend to forget to focus on what is really important. Settle down for a moment to replenish your body and soul with some gem elixir to get the wind in back in your sails again. 

focus - red jasper + sodalite + orange calcite + brown agate + aventurine quartz

the human brain is made up of 85% water, when you are not hydrated, you can feel effects such as headaches, poor concentration, and reduced short term memory. This rainbow shiny blend with brainpower energy has been composed by the late best-selling author and crystal healing researcher Michael ginger to boost concentration, clarity of mind and focus. 

Inspiration - lapis lazuli + rutilated quartz

Change the world with your creativity! Sip up some creative energy with this yummy blend. Both these crystals can help you connect to your intuitive self to receive some inspiring messages to help you reach your goals. 

Passion - carnelian + halite salt

carnelian is the stone of life. bringing the joy and passion to life. halite salt is the speaker stone, letting you explore and express your passionate side. radiate with passion and the joy of life when drinking this magical elixir. 

fitness - red jasper - magnesite - clear quartz

Along with exercise and diet this gemwater blend can help you achieve your fitness goals. put on your favorite shoes and fill up your water bottle with these gems and get ready for a big surprise! 

cupid's kiss love - rose quartz

rose quartz is the crystal of love and sensuality. It can also be used to release emotions and bring peace, calm, and self confidence.  drinking this magical elixir of love to find some self love, love of life, or a lover.

beauty - amethyst + aventurine + rose quartz 

beauty is within. what you eat and drink shows on the outside. fresh smooth looking skin is a sign of health, drink lots of water can help hydrate your skin keeping it looking radiant and young. This blend is perfect for those who wants their inner beauty to be shown to the world. Numerous spas use this gem blend in their beauty treatments, take your own home today. 

sunny morning - orange calcite + clear Quartz

get your personal sunshine from within! beaming orange calcite stands for emotional balance, joy, optimism and positive energy. Start every day a sunny one and chase away your clouds with this magical blend. 

diamonds - diamond silvers + clear quartz

diamonds are a girls best friend. the most precious gem on earth, was only reserved for kings and queens at one time. clients have said they won't go back to drinking regular water after drinking this blend. it truly is the jewelry for your water! 

vision - noble shungite + clear quartz

shungite is a vision stone. helps open your third eye to bring in visions with purifying properties. clear quartz is a master healer stone. with the combination of these two crystals, your water will taste very enlightening. 

five elements - amethyst + chalcedony + petrified wood + rose quartz + ocean chalcedony

traditional Chinese medicine have been around for over 5,000 years. They understand health is balanced when all five elements of the body, wood for growth, rate for reflection, earth for grounding, metal for strength, and fire for passion is harmonized. This blend has a gem for each element that will help put your body back into energetic alignment. experience this ancient wisdom each sip. 

vitality - emerald + clear quartz

it is said that all the green of nature is found within the emerald. this was also the gem that symboled eternal life in ancient Egypt. drinking this blend will help you feel vital and naturally help you lead to a better life! 

inner purity - aquamarine + clear Quartz

Aquamarine is known as the water of the sea. great for calming, soothing, and cleansing. feel refreshed and pure just like a refreshing swim in the ocean. let your inner purity show radiantly on the outside. 

allure - garnet + clear quartz

are you looking for a magical one of a kind gift for a loved one, a wedding day, or a good friend? or maybe you would like to bring more attraction and fire into your life. blazing red garnet is known to be sensual and passionate. Very powerful energy, especially for lovers. share this gemwater with your lover for a passionate alluring night. 

vino - amethyst + clear quartz

the greeks used to use gemstones to enhance their wines, now we bring this magical tradition back to life. the tannins get more smoother and more pleasurable. vino gives your wine a very special "tune". 

golden moment - Rhine gold - halite salt - garnet

in golden magical moments we get to pause for a moment and leave the everyday's worries behind. Those precious moments can be captured in this golden blend. enjoy your golden moments each time you take a sip.