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3 Basic Oils to Tailor Your Cannabis Experience...

  • do you dabble in some cannabis for medical reasons or just for recreational fun? 
  • do you wish to experience certain moods during your cannabis experience?
  • are you confused about what to get at the dispensaries and are overwhelmed when you walk in?
  • would you love to customize your "highs"?
  • do you want to Learn how essential oils + cannabis can work together?

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Your Amazing Teachers:

Jen King is a Health + Medical Cannabis Coach and founder of Highly Nourished, a holistic wellness practice concentrating on healing patients from inside out. She works with patients to relieve chronic illness, inflammation, and pain with life style changes and natural medicinal tools like cannabis. She is the patient consultant as well as in-house holistic health expert at new age care medical cannabis dispensary. when Jen is not teaching classes or giving speeches training other wellness coaches, she loves to play with her Pomeranian Rory and design and create spaces! 

Pamela Chen helps soulful entrepreneurs incorporate magical tools into their business. she helps them weave in crystals, tarot, and essential oils to enhance clients experiences and achieve faster results. Pamela co owns a crystal boutique with her bff on isntagram, @lunaprosperity and is the creator of the Crystal unicorn Tarot. She is also an elixirs expert and loves mixing up magical oil potions for healing and manifesting. When she is not shopping for crystals or teaching tarot, she loves to read paranormal romances and dress up as a Unicorn.