What I Do:

I am not a fortune teller that reads your palm or an astrologist (well I do dabble a little for fun). 

I am a clairvoyant + clairaudient. What that means is that I see symbols or pictures that is shown to me by my magical guides. Or I can hear words + phrases that they send to me. 

Love working with moon energy + crystals. These are important tools that can help you manifest your wishes. Think of them like forks + spoons for life. Helping you through different challenges in life + upgrading your life is my #1 goal. 

Basically, think of me as a cheat sheet for your life. You still have to do the work, but you get some help from me. Especially if you are pulling out your hair confused about a decision. 

Psychic Readings Are:

Every person has a different reading. No two reading is ever the same, like a snowflake because you are special.

For my readings I connect to my magical guides and they will show me the best possible way for you to achieve your path. 

FYI: I’m just the messenger. So don’t shoot the messenger. 

I am not here to judge your actions. Pinky promise. 

By request or if I get the urge, I also use Tarot Cards for my reading. I have many beautiful fabulous decks that I work with. Most of them are Doreen Virtue decks because I am a certified Angel Card Reader. I do love to use Mermaid decks though. 

Click here for tips on how to have an awesome reading. 

What would we be doing in our reading sessions?

We would start with your most important question.  

I would relay the messages that I hear or see or know to you. Sometimes I may be quiet for amin or two and that means I am connecting to receive messages. So at this time, just sit and relax, if you keep talking I can’t hear your messages. 

You might get homework, that is totally optional to do, to help manifest what you want. 

I’m Different Then Other Psychics:

I give it how it is. 

I try not to sugar coat my readings, but if I feel like it is too sensitive for you to handle, I will tell you in the most positive way possible. Or reconfirm that you want to hear this.

I am not cryptic or fish for information that I don’t need. Like, you have an older family member that is sick. 

Or force you to pay more because you are in need of healing and I have to light a candle for you for 20 days so that you can get rich. (This was actually said to me one time in one of my “scam” psychic readings from another reader).

Sometimes, if you agree, I would do small energetic healings for you in your readings, all included in the price. ;) 

Think of me as your psychic psychiatrist, bartender, councilor. The reading might turn into a mini life coaching session.

I want you to be able to create your own abundance + love. To be able to manifest your own dreams. So I give you the tools to do that in my readings. 

Most importantly, I will not tell you when you will die or any of that scary stuff. So don’t worry! 

When To Get Another Reading:

Try not to get addicted to psychic readings because they help so much and make decisions for yourself. 

You should get a reading for major life decisions if it is tough. I suggest no more then 2-3 times a year. 

Seeing several psychics asking the same questions will just confuse you even more. That means you are not trusting yourself and your intuition. 

If you feel that you need motivation or trying to reach a big goal, you can email me about coaching sessions instead of just readings. 

In Person Readings VS Phone Readings:

Either readings are just as awesome. 

Like listening to the radio, I connect to the energy wave from you. 

How does a radio work, I really don’t know, how do I connect energy from you, sort of the same thing so I really don’t know except that it just happens. 

If you are sensitive to energy, you might feel a little tingling sensation during our sessions. 

Energy has no limits. Your spiritual energy can travel through anything + anytime. 

Most of my readings are over the phone or email. I have amazing clients from Japan, Hawaii, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other states in the US. 

Readings Coming True:

This question all depends on you. If you want it to come true then you can take the steps to ensure this is the positive future you want or to avoid the negative ones. 

The messages I relay to you might not make sense at this moment, but if you are consciously looking for the clues then it helps tremendously. 

While I would looooove to tell you who is going to win the Super Bowl so that you can bet a million dollars and be super rich, it doesn’t happen. I might get colors or images and you would have to figure it out. 

Think of it like detective work. All of my clients that have put together the puzzles + images of the messages that they received have had amazing results from my reading. 

In my business, I can’t promise you instant happily ever afters, but I CAN promise to show you the steps + guide you to create your own stories… IF you are willing to follow what is taught to you + actually take action. (I can lead an Unicorn to water, it is up to him to drink it.)

Many of my clients has found their life partners/husbands + launched a successful business through my coaching, there’s no guarantees, but if you are willing to work for it, you can receive anything you want. 

Luna Prosperity is...

Moon + abundance. Using the power of the moon to jump start your manifestations so you can accomplish your goals in life. I will show you my proven system on working with the lunar cycle to get what you want!

Ideal Clients For Pamela:

Clients who have the desire to change, take action, + love magic sparkly things are my dream, my world, my everything. (If this is you contact Pam now). 

Clients who ignores what they are taught + holds onto their challenges as a security blanket are my nightmare. (If this is you, I can refer you to someone who will help you face your challenges).

Refund Policy:

I ONLY offer refunds on products when it’s been a mistake click within the first 48 hours of your purchase . I NEVER offer refunds on products when you’ve sat on it for over one week. (Don’t even ask.)

Cancellation Policy:

Can’t make it to our appointment? Excuses don’t interest me. Here’s my policy on rescheduling: Be a courteous cat + contact me 24 hours before our session. Your cancellation or rescheduling will be confirmed with an email reply from me. If you don’t receive a cancellation or rescheduling email, that means we are still on for our date. 

Dazzling Disclaimer: 

I cannot guarantee you winning the lottery or 100% of your wishes coming true. But many of my clients have manifested abundant careers, a new lover + free ice cream. 

I cannot guarantee you finding the love of your life. But maidens who have worked with me HAS found their very own handsome Prince or bad boys with tattoos. 

Blog Comments: 

I’m obsessed with commenters who write me amazing feed back from their heart. But commenters who are negative Nancy that are downers will be firmly escorted from the premises. (Read: deleted).