Deck Creation Course


Learn how to create your unique magical deck, the "right way".

Have you always wanted to create your personal tarot or oracle deck? Do you haVe a creative vision that you want to share with the world! Do you want to create a deck that is in brand with your biz and share it with your clients? or maybe you just want to be magically famous and be recognized as that amazing deck creator!      

Did you know that there is a secret formula to creating an Oracle + Tarot deck that all successful deck creators use?

Uh huh... betcha didn't know that!

That's why you need-need and want-want to take this course! Because you will be getting not just the secret formula, but all of the secrets to creating a deck (and even launching it if you want to make some moolah).

After I launched my Crystal Unicorn tarot deck and successfully funded over $21K on a crowdfunding campaign, everyone has been reaching out to me left + right asking questions about creating a deck! 

WTF?! AHHH... There's no way I can just explain everything to you! This was a year long journey for me and there's so much shit I gotta tell you. 

So I decided right then, I need to create a course, but even though I launched successfully and created the most magical unicorn deck ever, I wasn't a deck creating expert, so that's when I went to my mentor Leeza Robertson, who is with Llwellyn and who creates decks for a living, and asked her to collab with me to bring you this amazing course. We both felt like this is definitely needed. 

we've both seen some indie decks that could be amazing, but don't sell because they don't know the secret formula to creating + launching!!! 

We want to end the deck creation suicide and help you create a deck you can be excited and confident about! (Most of all be successful if you do decide to put it in the market place). 

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