Cannabis + Oils 101


Curious about Cannabis + Essential Oils?

you probably have heard about cannabis or essential oils somewhere in your life. You've probably have used at least one of the products for you to be on this page! 

Did you know that they are synergistically connected and that they can compliment each other to tailor your "high" and enhance the experience that you desire with cannabis? (isn't that amazing)?!

if you'd like to bring the combo of these two magical plant medicine into your daily health practice, business, or life then this course will be the perfect guide for you! 

What will I learn in this course?

  • how oils + cannabis effect each other.
  • identify cannabis by smells.
  • feel confident when walking into a dispensery.
  • create your personal cannabis profile.
  • 10 ways to use oils with cannabis.
  • how to get correct "high" that you want with cannabis.
  • how cannabis + oils can help with your chronic illness.

How long is this course?

this course is 3 days long probably 1-2 hour class a day- from April 18-20th. It will be live on a webinar class. if you can't make it live don't worry, it will be recorded and you can access it anytime in the future! There is no commitments, you can work on your own pace!

What is the investment?

the cost of this course in investing in yourself and your health is only $147 ($97 for people on our Unicorn team, if you'd like more info message Pam). Why did we make it this cheap? Well, because we know that a lot of you are already paying tons of money for medicines and we really want everyone to benefit from this course and learn so we decided that the $147 would be a fair price for all. 

How do I sign up?

Easy! click one of the options below to purchase...

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If you are on the unicorn team or if you purchase before April 15th, you will get a free cannabis wellness coaching call with Jen or a free incorporating oils and cannabis into your biz coaching call with pam. Yours to choose.

Your Amazing Teachers:

Jen King is a Health + Medical Cannabis Coach and founder of Highly Nourished, a holistic wellness practice concentrating on healing patients from inside out. She works with patients to relieve chronic illness, inflammation, and pain with life style changes and natural medicinal tools like cannabis. She is the patient consultant as well as in-house holistic health expert at new age care medical cannabis dispensary. when Jen is not teaching classes or giving speeches training other wellness coaches, she loves to play with her Pomeranian Rory and design and create spaces! 

Pamela Chen helps soulful entrepreneurs incorporate magical tools into their business. she helps them weave in crystals, tarot, and essential oils to enhance clients experiences and achieve faster results. Pamela co owns a crystal boutique with her bff on isntagram, @lunaprosperity and is the creator of the Crystal unicorn Tarot. She is also an elixirs expert and loves mixing up magical oil potions for healing and manifesting. When she is not shopping for crystals or teaching tarot, she loves to read paranormal romances and dress up as a Unicorn.