Unicorn + Psychic = Unicorn Psychic?  

I’m Pamela Chen - crystal clairvoyant and intuitive. Love love love teaching anyone who will listen how to incorporate crystal magic into their daily routines to help manifest goals. giving psychic readings are a bonus, it's like the map to your goals, sometimes even like a cheat sheet for a big exam.

I’ve got 15+ years of experience as a spiritual life coach, healer, master teacher in many modalities (a smart way to say different types), like being a Reiki master - and I’ve led many women in finding their soul mates + their soul careers all over the US of A + overseas. 

Co own a crystal boutique on Instagram called Luna Prosperity with my BFF Yayoi Nishitani. we get to travel around the world to find high quality good vibes crystals. 

also a Crystal Professor (self proclaimed) at Biz Woo School which is an online school for entraprenuers - yes like Hogwarts - where over 33+ successful industry visionary leaders are gathering to teach their crafts. Drop into on of my classes, I’m sure you will love it.

I’ve worked successfully with many types of women in different industries - from business women trying to find their Prince Charming + housewives searching for a passionate career - find their happily ever after.

unicorns surround me and they act as my guides into the spiritual realm. think of them as a different type of angels that is there healing and guiding you. also, fairies love playing around my crystals!

And when I’m not designing my next crystal parties + programs - you can find me reading paranormal romance - watching paranormal movies (mostly vampires, witches, + werewolves. Yes im a Twilight + Harry Potter fan), doing pirouettes in my ballet class, or at home teaching my baby blue parakeet, George how to talk.