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Lion’s Gate Royal Star Workshop - 8/8

Let’s ease into your sparkling ascension this 8/8 with GRACE + EASE.

Instead of letting chaos rule your life because you are not ready for this massive shift, in this magical workshop you will be prepping and getting your physical and energetic body ready to level up YEAH! Who says you have to suffer in order to shift or change? You don’t cause you are a UNICORN.

During this enchanting time together we will be healing your energy centers, chakras, past wounds, and doing some light physical stretches to expand your aura. When you expand your aura you will be able to hold onto the success and abundance that is coming your way. You will be ready to bust through blocks and say YES to the activations being downloaded into you from the Lion’s Gate.

So buckle up and join me for this star-tactic adventure!

DATE: 8/8/19

Time: 8am PST


Replay Available: YES

Cost: $22.22


BONUS: Everyone who joins will receive a Donut Worry Crystal Unicorn Tarot wild Card!! YAY.